Breathing Space: an event to reflect and breathe in messages of hope and courage

August 7, 2020

introducing “Breathing Space” – a luminous art project for pause and reflection

During August and September, Blue Mountains residents are invited to help “grow” a light and projection display that will collectively share the community spirit through messages of hope and courage.

Contributions to the projection can be in the form of words, poetry, a photo, drawing or artwork, or even just to suggest an idea to us.

The contributions will be compiled into a sequence of hopeful animations and moving image artworks, representing our collective hope to continue working together and supporting each other during times ahead.

Contributions can be made through upload into our web site (form coming on August 10); through a phone conversation or letterbox drop to the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre, or by contacting illuminart.

The projection is planned for a weekend at the end of September 2020.